Co-HR is a certified partner of Services Bureau Sage (Sage Payroll Services).

Our extranet business is available 24h / 7, through a simple Internet connection. Your information and treatment remain in your control.

Co-HR Concepts:

  • ISHR Hosting: ISHR hosting is primarily to guarantee data security and centralization of information needed for rigorous management of human resources.
  • HR based on SaaS: insurance paying only for what is necessary, without ever having to worry about the hardware, the management of the licenses, nor the regulatory and software updates).
  • Reversibility, guarantee of adaptability: Because of the link (interface) with Sage tools, Co-HR will always be maintained and updated; it has facilitated data collecting for use in a local ISHR, depending on your needs.
  • Multilingual interface: Co-HR is ran by professional polyglot team; among its customers proudly counts many foreign companies which enjoy interacting in their native language.

Innovative and useful tool

Co-Hr was created to simplify the complexity in terms of decentralized entities’ salaries. Its mission is to provide a kind of manager who will make a synthesis of all the elements needed to produce a payroll. Of course, integrating payroll is run by the manager, as well as avoiding long and boring data entry (data input).

Co-Hr is natively interfaced with Sage's flagship software (leading software) and e-pay in terms of variable elements.