Integrated Software Management Distributors

  • Provide an original software adapted to the SME with a high ROI
  • Co-HR consolidates your position with your client by validating your parametres
  • « Additional » activity without generating extra costs
  • Recurring income input on top of the income related to additional services
  • Addresses clients considered “too small” for your HRIS softwares
This collaborative model is established in order for the reseller to maintain total management and control over their clients


Freelance, Consultants...

You are a self-employed, consultant, freelance… working with companies and using processes such as payroll, time and activity management, HR organisation etc.)

  • Enhances your offer supporting your consulting services
  • Adresses companies of all sizes in a credible manner
  • You decide on your working hours and travelling to a workplace isn’t necessarily required
  • Recurring income compatible with any situation
  • This collaborative model has been thought of as a way to facilitate the administration of these freelancers especially when it comes to the difficulties they might face with the laws for the self-employed.