HR based on SaaS

HR based on SaaS

HR management through SaaS offers an incredible flexibility to all enterprises,whether they are small, medium or multi-entity enterprises. In fact, this type of HR management can easily adapt the personnel/staff changes, sites/webpages or entities, without requiring accounting capital related to hardware and software.

HR based on the SaaS concept and reversibility

SaaS concept includes Cloud Computing use, which means that the data is no longer stored in the enterprise itself, but it is done by a service provider which has the role of a trusted third party. (TTP). Many enterprise directors are afraid that they will lose control under their data, or even worse to completely lose their data.

Extranet Business Co- HR, supported by Sage Payroll Services, enables to ensure the reversibility of SaaS system, respectively to achieve a smooth transition between Co- HR and all Sage Payroll Services solutions. In this way all fears related to data loss will be nulled


Small and middle enterprises which can say they have a high safety level for their ISHR are very rare. In fact this type of enterprises, for obvious reasons (insufficient funds) cannot afford a professional Cloud equipment, for example such as Co-HR (Cloud Specialist in HR management).

Moreover, control of the access to our extranet business and centralization of our data, guarantee the confidentiality of staff personal data by putting them in a kind of virtual safe.

HR based on SaaS concept: Closer to Regulation

To dispose with this kind of Hosted HR management system enables the manager an automatic use of their new regulations as well as warnings regarding the undertaken activities in order to apply these new directives/guidelines. It does not require an extra fee for software updates or attending special trainings.

SaaS concept is a general service that requires no initial investment and provides automatic updates which implement the new regulations.

Maximum Availability

Co-HR is centralized and available anywhere, through web- interface. This enables faster loading, updating and relevance of ISHR data. Co- HR enables all properly identified HR managers an access to the data in order to launch a specific action (wages, social reports etc.) from anywhere they need without the need of a special position.

This specific feature is a major asset for multi-site companies, or which have separate entities; it is to provide centralized HR management, which in many cases is the main factor for savings.