ISHR Hosting

Hosted ISHR : access to Co- HR

Hosted ISHR is crucial in human resources management: combining security,availability and relevance, offer web connection (interface) which suits all user levels, from executives who manage teams to employees who download administrative documents and use them in the right time their administrative, social and family data.

CoHR provides access to hosted ISHR

CoHR  facilitates and improves the use and centralization of information needed to optimize the management of human resources, by filling in the period between the software salaries package, payment accounts and HR management software in general. In fact, the concept of the Internet portal is to enable all employees in one enterprise to monitor and promptly to update their statement of accounts and thus to inform their superiors as soon as possible about any significant change.

CoHR smoothes out the complexity of the multi-entity companies

CoHR actually derives from solving these complex issues related to multi-entity divided enterprises, which do not depend of the same HR management: by providing the manager ( an effective way to centralize information from different sources) , CoHR makes HR management significantly easier through Hosted ISHR.

Definition of quality and safety

The existence of such an Internet business, primarily means an increased level of  quality of the imported data :getting through web-interface, the data imported by the staff are verified and confirmed according to their format as well as their importance, and the resulting data are stored and returned to the HR managers under a single and also a consistent format.

Compared to the standard HR management through a website, the concept of Hosted ISHR offers an increased level of safety, as it is based on a so called Cloud principle, a principle of industrial supplies, continuity in the working process and an automatic disaster recovery.