We are firmly committed to building a network of partners who support Co-HR use in small and medium enterprises in France as well as abroad. Co-HR helps to develop new services to support payroll or stand alone for the clients who have not purchases the product yet.

Our partnership offer revolves around two axes :

Integrated software management distributors (paycheck, business management)

  • CoHR can help preserving your position in clients
  • Additional activities without additional costs
  • Proving periodical incomes in addition to revenues from additional services
  • A possibility to address clients who are too small for your ISHR software

This collaboration model is designed for the reseller to maintain the complete control and management over their clients

Self- Employed

If you are consultants, independent/autonomous, self- entrepreneur you can address companies in which these processes are part of your business.

  • Enhances your offer
  • Provides a credible answer to the enterprises demands of all sizes
  • An activity in timing which does not require traveling
  • Regular income in accordance with any situation

This cooperation model is designed to be more accessible administration of such self-employed, especially when they are faces with difficulties by the law of self-entrepreneurs.