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Personalised HRM outsourcing

Your complete HR management:

  • Payroll management with SAGE
  • Social Contributions and electronic data interchange
  • Daily accounting, fee & salary transfers
  • Hiring and firing documentation
  • End of year statements (e-transmitted)
  • Producing statistics
  • Drawing up extra clauses in contracts memorandums
  • Assistance with administration for internal disputes
  • Dealing with forms for the unemployment insurance scheme
  • Telephone assistance (from 9AM to 6PM CET +1:00)

With ConseilRH, your payroll is securely managed with market leading software: SAGE !

ConseilRH is a keen user of SAGE, which enables us to offer a more efficient service for our clients. What's more, thanks to SAGE, you are only a couple of clicks away from taking over all your files & data, should you wish to internalise your HRM again. Our business solution is completely reversible!

To help us better manage your internal payroll activities, we have created and offered for our Clients a secure Extranet. Therefore, transferring your company data to us with be paper-free, worry-free and immediate !