Co-HR, the Human Resources management portal, was born from the collective experience of a team


The story behind Co-HR

The idea of Co-HR was born in the early 2000s for the needs of ConseilRH, a payroll outsourcing company founded in 1993 on the basis of SAARI payroll, which later became Sage.

And from 2005, the ancestor of Co-HR, was used in production with clients.

Initially decentralising the collection of variable pay elements, the qualitative leap came when we were able to offer the company its “own” online database for the administration of its personnel.

In fact, we gave the company control over its own data, allowing it to share it with the employee.

Since then, Co-HR has always been developed with the primary aim of helping the company to securely process its data flows concerning the life of the employee’s profile or contract changes, the absence/attendance schedule, the distribution of payslips, its documents, and much more.

Of course, the employee or manager is now an active contributor when it comes to his or her file and can access Co-HR from his or her mobile or PC, in French or English.

But the “pay” DNA remains in the background. If everything is done to serve the employee and the company, Co-HR retains its vocation to supply the payroll with relevant, reliable data without re-entering.

In short, the SIAdP by/for the payroll manager.


Lucien Brossard


Mathias Brossard

Technical Architect & Security Referent

Sylvain Azarian

Technical Manager

Lucien Brossard holds a postgraduate degree in Social Psychology from the University of Nice and speaks English and Swedish.

As a precursor, he created in 1993 a payroll outsourcing company (ConseilRH) based on Sage to offer his clients what he previously lacked in his HR jobs. When the company was sold to HR Path in 2018, it had 24 employees and managed the payrolls of 250 clients (40% Anglo-Saxon) representing 8,000 employees every month.

A lifelong computer enthusiast, he also founded a freelance administration company in 2003 and finally a web services company in 2005 to develop CollaborativeHR, a collaborative application dedicated to Personnel Administration and Payroll in SMEs. Initially conceived for the needs of ConseilRH, Lucien Brossard now devotes himself entirely to the development of CoHR and its distribution to SMEs, payroll managers, accounting firms and specialist companies.

Following his studies in Physics and Computer Science at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg (Sweden) and Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, Mathias acquired more than 20 years of experience in the Tech industry (with a specialization in security, PKIs and cryptography). He has been project manager and technical lead on 70+ PKI and card deployment management system projects in the US and Europe for companies in the High-Tech, Banking, Healthcare, Energy, Commerce, Industry and Public Sector. He is currently a Senior Research Engineer in Computer Security at Arm.

Mathias is, since its conception, the technical architect of the CoHR application and responsible for its evolution in terms of security, performance, adaptability and technology. He is our technical reference for all decisions.

Sylvain Azarian holds a Master’s degree in Fundamental Computer Science from the Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI) and has more than 25 years of experience in the computer industry. Owner of several patents, he has specialised in the design of communicating web tools for various companies.

From 2009 to 2018, he was a research engineer at Supelec and Director of an ONERA laboratory in charge of international projects aimed at developing the uses of software-defined radio. Since 2016, he founded SDR Technologies to distribute an innovative radio data collection and analysis system to major accounts (telecoms, railways, etc.) and public bodies (ANFR, armed forces, etc.).

Sylvain is involved in the definition of the general architecture and the management of CoHR’s technical teams.

In addition to the partners, Co-HR has also had three full-time developers since 2007 who develop and add functionalities in line with legislative changes or customer requests. And always with this concern for the experience of all the actors in the company.

Designed and developed by a payroll manager since 2005

The relevance of Co-HR has been built through years of use with thousands of collaborators from hundreds of SMEs of all kinds bringing their issues or questioning our preconceptions.

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