111 Chemin de Ronde
78290 Croissy-sur-Seine


Long 2°07’01.5″E
Latt 48°53’15.8″N

From approximately n°100 of the Chemin de Ronde street, take the perpendicular route with a white gate.
Our offices are located in the second building at n° 111.


Foire Aux Questions

How long does it take to integrate Co-HR to my Sage payroll?

It will take a couple hours if your payroll is on Sage L100.
Although it is preferable to be accompanied you can also integrate it autonomously. 

What if my payroll is on Silaé?

As long as you have the API codes, it can be done pretty much instantly. 

What if it's another software?

If you possess the structural files (xls, csv, mensual DSNs), it will only take a few hours.

Can we try Co-HR for a few weeks?

Of course ! You can try it for three months. But beware: Co-HR is highly addictive 🙂

Why choose Co-HR if we already have a paid leaves management tool?

Co-HR includes all the Personnel Administration features that are useful to your SME: not only paid leaves or time management. It offers a highly secure synthesis of all variable data before submitting it to payroll AND in an adequat format for payroll.